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We have proudly sold natural, untreated, conflict-free diamonds accurately graded by the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA (the world's foremost gem lab) since our founding in 1969.

We do not sell synthetic (lab-created) diamonds or diamonds graded by lesser labs. We do not recommend them.  

Learn More In Person

We are happy to help you learn about diamonds in an hour-long appointment. You'll see how the the various quality characteristics affect the beauty of a diamond. We'll also help you learn the effect the 7C's have on price.

Appointments are usually fun, casual, and very rewarding, since they helps to solidify your preferences. People continually tell us that we made it easy and that there was no pressure. We treat people the way they wish to be treated. It's win-win. We all benefit. 

Come In. Get Educated!

Before you can surprise your fiancé-to-be with a beautiful proposal and the engagement ring of her dreams, it is important to do a little background research. Think you can walk into a big-box jewelry store and find the perfect ring to show your love and commitment? You may be able to find something sparkly, but to understand true quality and value, you need to know a little about diamonds first.

There is nothing quite as frustrating as finding out you know more about diamonds than a 'salesperson' when you are trying to purchase your diamond. All of our experts have many years of experience and we are here to educate you about diamonds so you can make your own decisions.

Every Diamond

Every diamond possesses its own unique beauty, described through color, clarity, cut and carat, known as the 4 C’s. At Washington Diamond, we only sell GIA-certified loose diamonds. The GIA grades the 4 C’s according to the most accurate and trusted standard. This ensures that each diamond in our collection is graded precisely, so that our customers receive exceptional beauty matched with verified value. We believe the best is what you deserve.

Ultimately, every sparkle and shade is a one-of-a-kind experience. Often, diamonds of the same grade can offer their own unique and radiant response to light. That is why we recommend viewing a collection of diamonds in person, so that you can observe each gem’s unique beauty, before making a purchase. Online retailers simply can’t offer that level of personal connection with your diamond.

We invite you to schedule an appointment to visit our showroom in person, for a one-on-one diamond consultation. You will have a unique opportunity to experience each diamond’s beauty firsthand, as we help you find the perfect diamond to satisfy your desire.

What She Will Already Know

What Matters To Her

Every bride has different priorities, that is why it is important for you to work with a diamond expert who can help you find the right fit for her.

Is she an avid hiker who enjoys spending time camping? Her ring style should fit that taste and lifestyle. Does her work involve sitting at a computer all day? Does she have any hobbies that might interfere with her wearing her ring? Does she value a bigger-is-better mentality or is she more concerned with quality?

Trust a diamond expert to help you find the right mix of diamond and setting options to get her the ring of her dreams.

The Right Fit

You might be surprised to learn that most women we have worked with have shared with us that they were not as focused on the perfect setting as they were the perfect fit for their lifestyle. While your bride-to-be may have saved pictures on Pinterest of rings she adores, she might actually prefer to be surprised with something unique and special that you have picked out with help from a diamond expert.

Pictures can be deceiving and while she may love the sparkle of a halo setting in the picture, she might fall for something different when she sees it. If you’re ring shopping with your significant other, it’s a good idea to try different options on so she can get an idea of if it fits into her taste and lifestyle or not. Choosing should not feel burdensome or pressured - it should be joyful and exciting. Make sure you are going to a jeweler who can give her the attention and care you both deserve.

Why You Should Insist on GIA Diamonds

Challenge: Determine Differences Between EGL And GIA-Graded Diamonds.

We have always believed that diamonds graded by EGL are not as well respected for accuracy as GIA-graded stones, and we know that they often sell at substantial discounts. To test this assertion, we purchased a diamond and then the diamond was sent to GIA and EGL for their certification. 

Case Study: EGL Versus GIA

Results: EGL Certification Inflated Diamond Grade

After receiving grading reports from both EGL and GIA, the results confirmed that the EGL report showed considerable variation of the diamond grades in multiple categories. A significant difference in grading was the color grade. GIA graded it as ‘I’ color, two grades lower than the EGL which graded the color as 'G.’ This has a dramatic affect on value.

The EGL ‘G’ color diamond was being presented to consumers under the pretense that it was the same quality as a GIA-certified ‘G’ color, which in reality, was a GIA ‘I’ color. The GIA ‘I’ color could have been purchased for an even lower price than the EGL ‘G’ color. Ultimately, the EGL certification was misleading, inaccurate, and could cause considerable loss of value to a potential buyer.


This example is exactly why we insist on only stocking diamonds with a GIA Grading Report in our store. We have seen hundreds of similar differences between these two labs where we concluded that the GIA report is a far better choice for the consumer.

This is our ultimate goal: to provide the consumer with the best service and products possible. So if you are living in the Washington DC area, Alexandria, or Arlington, VA, trust Washington Diamond with all your diamond ring and fine jewelry needs.  

Why We Don't Sell EGL Diamonds

We are committed to providing our customers with quality diamonds at exceptional value. Washington Diamond does not recommend or sell EGL-certified diamonds. EGL standards are less consistent and do not accurately denote diamond characteristics to our standards.

Instead, we offer GIA-certified loose diamonds which are graded with the strictest standards and greatest accuracy of any gem lab. GIA-certified diamonds offer a better total value to consumers because they are graded more accurately, allowing you to make an informed comparison and select the best true value.



Gem laboratories are independent authorities that produce grading reports for individual diamonds or gemstones. Their report helps dealers and consumers assess quality differences within a framework that is standardized, recognized, and respected.

Gem laboratories try to produce a grading report that is scientific in nature (describing weights and measurements), but some aspects of their work involve subjective assessments. Their subjective assessment of color, clarity, and cut is where EGL-certified diamonds vary the most from GIA-certified diamonds.


EGL stands for the European Gemological Laboratory. There are now two parts. EGL USA is based in New York with labs in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto. EGL International is based in Israel. The two organizations have some friction between each other. The EGL USA has legal proceedings against EGL International. Although we feel EGL USA offers a more accurate grading report than EGL International, we don't feel that either are your best choice for accuracy or value. We cannot recall an incident where the customer did better by buying an EGL-graded diamond instead of a diamond graded by GIA.

The Gemological Institute of America. GIA, is the world's foremost authority on diamond and gemstone grading. Most labs use the same grading nomenclature for color and clarity and other characteristics but differ in what each grade represents. An SI1 clarity diamond as graded by EGL may look quite a bit worse than an SI1 clarity diamond graded by GIA, for example. Getting a lab report is better than an ungraded diamond, however we feel that for identification, retention of value, accuracy and peace of mind, GIA is the best.


There is a general impression in our industry that EGL-certified diamonds do not compare favorably with GIA-certified diamonds and on average look worse than the stated quality. Our testing has demonstrated to our satisfaction that this general impression is valid.

We will not offer our customers EGL-certified diamonds for this reason. Sometimes, EGL-certified diamonds with the same stated color and clarity grades as GIA certified diamonds are sold at a lower price because they would in fact receive lower grades on the GIA scale.

How GIA Grades Diamonds

Triple Redundancy

Grade it. Grade it again. And then grade it again.Diamonds submitted for Diamond Grading services are examined by a minimum of four highly-trained and experienced diamond graders and gemologists. At each subsequent grading step, the diamond is independently examined by a more-senior staff member.

Inspection, Care, And Handling Procedures

At every step of the servicing process, special inspection, care, and handling procedures are in place to confirm a diamond’s identity and ensure the diamond is managed with the utmost care. 


Client anonymity during the grading process is essential. Almost immediately after the diamond is received, it is placed in a custom-designed, transparent storage case, and all reference to the submitting client is removed.

Client information is completely masked within the software diamond graders use to enter their assessments. This information is only attached to the diamond when the item is matched with its corresponding report and prepared for return to the client. Inventory Control and Routing.

Random Doesn’t Just Happen

There’s a system, a science, and an entire department dedicated to it. The Inventory Control Department serves as the hub for Laboratory operations.

Between each and every step of the grading process, a diamond is distributed from and returned to this department, ensuring that the distribution of diamonds to graders is completely random. 

Inventory Control And Routing

This is just one critical step in an independent and impartial grading process. Every diamond or gemstone is tracked electronically so that the Laboratory can pinpoint its exact whereabouts at any time and view and review each step during the grading process.

To say that the laboratory’s routing and inventory control measures are meticulous is something of an understatement.With thousands of diamonds and hundreds of diamond graders, the routing and tracking of the Laboratory’s inventory requires a highly-trained and alert staff, combined with the best support technology can offer.

The Diamonds In Our Hand-Made Jewelry Are Screened To Be Natural And Pure.

We only want the best in the jewelry we make for you, using pure, natural diamonds.

In addition, these diamonds are meticulously cut to have the finest proportions and we use a quality that surpasses the the vast majority of jewelry available on the market.

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What Are You Waiting For? Get Started!

Armed with this information, you are ready to make an appointment to find the perfect engagement ring. It is best to preview options in the store, even if you ultimately decide to order a ring or custom design one.

It's a great idea to review designs in person - Internet photos may be misleading.

Trust a diamond expert to help you get the most value for your purchase to meet your needs and fit within your budget. Many people choose to shop around because of pushy sales people. These salespeople can make shopping for a ring extremely stressful and can lead you into buying a ring you are not confident with. The best way to be confident in your purchase is to shop with a trusted diamond expert like Washington Diamond.

We will ensure you have an educational experience and understand every aspect of the purchasing process so that you leave with a feeling of confidence and satisfaction. So if you're living in Falls Church, Alexandria, Arlington, Washington DC, or anywhere in Northern Virginia, be sure to visit the diamond experts at Washington Diamond to help you find the perfect engagement ring.