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The Exceptional Diamond Collection 



Brand Loose Diamonds 

Beauty takes many forms. Washington Diamond® brand loose diamonds are beauty at its most refined. This collection of exceptionally rare, remarkably elegant diamonds epitomizes quality, value and style. Each Washington Diamond® brand loose diamond is hand-selected based on the strictest criteria. Each must be a GIA-certified loose diamond expertly graded by the Gemological Institute of America.

They exhibit excellent symmetry, or the alignment of the diamond facets, and the highest cut grade, which is the most important factor in determining the overall beauty of the diamond. The Washington Diamond® brand loose diamonds are natural and non-treated. As a result, they exude a remarkable radiance that is simply unmatched by the vast majority of diamonds.

The Washington Diamond® brand loose diamonds are available in a variety of carat sizes to meet each customer’s particular requirements. Regardless of the size or cost, these diamonds are a cut above the rest – and the difference is vibrantly visible. We invite you to view a selection of The Washington Diamond® brand loose diamonds in person, to observe the impeccable quality under magnification and in elegant, natural light.

The WASHINGTON DIAMOND® Brand Loose Diamond Characteristics: 

  • GIA Triple Excellent Cuts* (*True for round brilliant-cut diamonds, but may vary for some fancy-cut diamonds in this collection.)
  • Handpicked by Our Experts for Your Pride and Joy
  • Superior Color, Clarity and Proportions
  • Includes independent GIA Certification.

You Deserve the Best

Because you’re brilliant, you deserve nothing less than the most beautiful diamond to fit your personal taste and budget. That’s why we’ve hand-selected the best of the best for The Washington Diamond® brand loose diamond collection.

We invite you to call today to schedule your appointment and view the difference in person