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We are an Ethically-Sourced Jeweler, part of a network of jewelers committed to using ethically and sustainably-sourced materials. 

We continuously search for suppliers who minimize their ecological footprint while improving the living conditions and livelihoods of those who rely on the gem- and precious-metal industries. 

The success of our business depends on many of the earth’s most precious resources. Gemstones, gold, and silver are collected from deep within the earth. Pearls and other “organic gems” are gathered from the sea.

And while we create and sell beautiful jewelry, nothing is more beautiful or precious than the environment from which they come, or the lives of the people who bring us these resources.  

How We Do Business


As an Ethically-Sourced Jeweler, we make purchase decisions using our integrity and conscience as well as our business acumen. We support the Kimberley Process and other initiatives which prohibit the sale of diamonds and gemstones to fund violence. But we go beyond that to also seek ways in which we can improve the safety and lives of those who mine them.

Learn more about ethical and sustainable sourcing initiatives below: 

We Strive To Only Purchase From Sources

Who Have A Proven History Of Being Ethically Responsible:


Upholding Human Rights

We will never knowingly purchase from groups involved in human rights abuses. Our sources should be accountable and their methods should be transparent. They must not use funds to destabilize a legitimate government or support a civil war.

In addition, their employment practices must not violate child- or forced-labor laws. Human life and well-being is the most precious resource in our supply chain, and it is our top priority to ensure it is protected.

Protecting The Environment

Mining of any kind impacts the environment. By following strict environmental standards, mining companies can minimize their impact on the local ecosystem.

We purchase from sources who work within environmental guidelines and who invest in ways in which they can leave a lighter footprint on the earth.

Improving Working Conditions

Mining industries employ hundreds of skilled workers, and benefit the society of those who work in the local supply chain. In addition, millions of dollars are spent each year in these mining communities to fund local schools, provide scholarships, and support families.

Beyond creating beautiful jewelry, our legacy must include improving the lives and creating opportunities for those at every level of our trade.  

Diamond Reclamation

The Ethically-Sourced Jeweler network promotes the purchase and reuse of diamonds, gold, and other precious gems and metals. Reusing these materials does not diminish their quality or value, yet it helps fill the demand for these materials.

It’s one way we personally protect the earth and lessen the impact of mining on our environment without even leaving the store.