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Engagement Ring Appointment Process

At Washington Diamond, we believe an engagement ring should be a piece of jewelry that is admired every day it’s worn, constructed beautifully, and even passed down for generations. Even more, we believe an engagement ring can tell the love story of a couple, perhaps with design details only they really need to know about, like intertwining metals or a certain number of accent diamonds around the center stone.

No matter the ring or the vision, our process of working with you is meant to be easy, enjoyable, and without pressure. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that matches our process — and that you’ll want to share with others.

Sharing Our Knowledge. Before we dive into the details of what you’re looking for, we provide a quick tutorial on diamonds, and answer any questions you may have about them. You’ll find that diamonds are like fingerprints and snowflakes, each is completely unique.

Getting to Know You. Next, we want to know about you as a couple so we can craft your story in the design of your ring. This can be as brief as you like or may take upwards of an hour.

Telling Your Story. In this step, we provide ideas for what your ring can look like, and show you our GIA certified diamonds that meet our exacting standards and your budget.

From this point, we craft the ring you envision into reality.


What makes Washington Diamond so different from other area jewelers?

We could go on for hours on this topic. For one, we respect your time and your budget. That’s why we want to meet with you one-on-one at a time that works with your schedule. Instead of a walk-in retail store, we do business via one-on-one appointments. This enables us to guarantee you’ll get the personalized service you deserve on the most important jewelry purchase you’ll ever make. Another thing that sets us apart is, unlike some other jewelers, we only sell GIA graded diamonds. Once we explain why, we know you’ll insist on them too. The value we provide to you is beyond compare!

What if I don’t have a large budget?

There is no minimum spend at Washington Diamond. However, it’s best to have an idea of what you would like to spend first. This will help us show you the size and quality of diamonds that will work best in the designs we show or create for you. We also offer special financing options with approved credit.

Do I have to share our story with you? It feels too personal.

Sharing your story helps us add special elements to your ring that you may not have thought of when you first made your appointment with us. These elements don’t have to be shared with anyone else, they can be kept between you and your intended. You can be assured we’ll never tell. However, if sharing is still too uncomfortable for you, no worries! Above anything else, we want you to feel as relaxed within our walls as you would feel in your home.

Is there a return policy if it doesn’t end up being the right ring?

Let’s just say we’re not happy until the one you want to spend the rest of your life with is. You’ll see why we’re one of the most highly rated jewelers in the area.

What if I want to use my grandmother’s diamond in my ring?

We are happy you reuse or incorporate parts of a sentimental item in your new design.

I want to propose next week. Can I still work with you?

We’ll never say no. Once you schedule your appointment, we’ll show you what we can provide within your timeframe.

I bought a ring somewhere else. Can I get an upgrade from you?

Possibly! We’ll want to know as much about your current diamond as possible and we will let you know if yours is qualified for our diamond trade up.

Can my partner be involved in the ring choice and purchase?

Absolutely! We find that today many couples want to be a part of this very important purchase together, and we can find ways to get things like style, shape and metal figured out without ruining a romantic proposal and the surprise factor.

Do you have a question not covered here? Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from