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They were able to customize my ring to my liking...

My fiancé and I had a great experience with Tom and the team at Washington Diamond! I originally wanted to go through Blue Nile or James Allen, but my fiancé wanted me to check out rings in person. We went to Washington Diamond on my future brother-in-law's recommendation with his experience there!

When we got to Washington Diamond, we had such exceptional service, and Tom helped us pick out a perfect ring and diamond, while being mindful of our budget! They were able to customize my ring to my liking- I wanted 18K gold with platinum prongs on a three-stone setting, and they did a great job!

The service I've had at Washington Diamond has also been great! I needed to get my ring resized slightly and got it back within a week! Also, in the frenzy of the actual engagement, I lost the ring box in an Uber, so I didn't have a box. I asked Erin if I could pay for a replacement, and she offered me one free of charge! I loved working with them!

-Alee Wade