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I give Washington Diamond thumbs up, 5 stars, and whatever accolades are available...

When my husband asked me what I wanted for Christmas last year, I told him a diamond, not knowing that this would be the last Christmas gift I’d receive from him. He said, “Fine, but you need to pick it out.” Other than that they were pretty and sparkled, I know virtually nothing about diamonds. So, my education began. I met with several merchants in the Washington, DC area that sold diamonds to get a feel for both diamonds and those who sold them. I was fairly quickly down to a short list of diamond merchants and selected Washington Diamond of Falls Church, Virginia and in particular Tom Daube with whom to pursue my quest.
Tom Daube educated me about the 4 Cs of diamonds (cut, clarity, color, and carat) as well as the fifth C, cost, and what were the trade-offs of each. I learned what the impact of one C on the others. Since I was looking for an oval cut diamond, he showed me the inherent flaw of ovals and of the other cuts and what to look for to minimize these flaws. He helped me to understand wholesale pricing and the resulting retail pricing. He also helped me understand the value and feel confident that I was getting the best value for the stone I was selecting. Not only did he have access to the stones available from the general diamond markets, but also stones held by private sources. I finally selected a lovely certified oval diamond with a minimal bow tie (the inherent flaw of oval diamonds) from one of his private sources.

Now to design the setting. I wanted a setting that made the stone look like it was set on top of my wedding band, which was yellow gold and wide, but set so that I could easily take the diamond off when I was working in the garden and doing other things that would be hard on a diamond ring. He came up with a perfect solution. Between the time I had selected the diamond, showed it to my husband for his approval, and was ready to proceed, my husband had died. Washington Diamond was able to incorporate his gold wedding band into the band for my diamond ring. To maximize the diamond’s sparkle, he set the diamond in a platinum bezel on top of the gold ring. The setting is classic and simple and I love it.

Would I go to Washington Diamond the next time I’m in a market for a diamond?—you bet. They listen, are helpful, and provide excellent value for the stones that are selected. While I was deciding, I always knew that as questions arose, Tom Daube was there to answer them, providing the information and data I needed to make my decision. There was never pressure or a sales pitch to decide or select one diamond over another. The choice was mine. It was refreshing. I give Washington Diamond thumbs up, 5 stars, and whatever accolades are available.

-Nancy Nix-Karnakis