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...comfortable, welcoming, and filled with top quality diamonds.

First, let me say my husband caught me by surprise when he chose a local vendor over some big box store. The first time I visited Washington Diamond to meet with Tom (which I learned was probably my husband's 5th or 10th) I felt like I was in a scene from the movie Snatch. After getting through the novelty of the multi-door entry, I found the place to be comfortable, welcoming, and filled with top quality diamonds. Tom really knows his stuff. We initially visited to pick out our wedding bands, and, after making sure he found the absolute perfect matching wedding band for my engagement ring, he let my husband have his own diva moment picking out a ring. We've been back several times since, from sizing my ring to having our rings polished the week of the wedding, and the staff are always friendly. I recommend Washington Diamond for anyone in the DMV area.